SpokenText Chrome Extension

This chrome extension allows you to easily record any text content you find while surfing the Internet or using your schools electronic library.

Just select the text and click the SpokenText icon at the top right of your browser window, click record and you are done. It is that simple!

You can also record any public web page you find while surfing the Internet by clicking the SpokenText icon, then the Record Full Page tab and then press the record button.


It is a handy extension and we hope you find it useful. Please submit a rating and comment on our page in the Google Chrome Extension Galary

As always your feed back is welcome. If you have any issues using the extension or have suggestions for new features we could add to the extension send us an email or post on Twitter @spokentext or on our FaceBook Fan Page .

The SpokenText team

How to install and use the SpokenText for Chrome Extension

How to install the extension

  1. Make sure you have your SpokenTex.tnet Username and Password handy or create a a free trial account .
  2. Visit the SpokenText for Chrome page in the Google Chrome Extensions Galary
  3. Click the Install button
  4. In the new window that opens click the Install button
  5. Click the SpokenText icon in the top right of your browser window
  6. Enter yrou username and password on the My Account & Options tab
  7. Click the Save button
  8. Your done! Now you can start to record text