Frequently Asked Questsions

How do I download recordings?

Once your recordings have finished being recorded you can download them by right clicking on the format icon (i.e. iPod Format, Single MP3, Multiple MP3) for the recording you want to download and then select Save Target As... or Save Link As... if you use Firefox .

Can I put my SpokenText recordings on my web site?


Is SpokenText free

We have a free trial account, but it is limited in the amount of text you can convert. But it does give you the ability to try our site with your content.

Will you be adding new voices

Voices are expensive and at present we can't afford to add new voices to the site.

But if enough people to the site we will be able to purchase more voices. It would only take a few dollars from every user. So please donate using our Paypal donation icon on the bottom left of every page. It is quick and secure.

What file types can I convert

Please see our features page for a complete list of the file types we support.