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The SpokenText.net Team

Message sent to us from a member

I am a graduate student in cancer immunotherapy.

The rigors of my work do not allow me time to read all of the necessary material that I should read as well as work in the lab.

SpokenText.net allows me to listen to scientific papers and review articles that I need to better understand my experiments while I am working on them.

Plus, I never have to worry about whether a book-on-tape has been made for my favorite books since I get to make them myself!

Message sent to us from a member

I am a college student with ADHD.

I absolutely love learning, but ADHD makes organizing my time especially difficult, and I tend to fall behind. There is a lot of reading to do in College, but when I am reading, I am distracted by the knowledge of all the other things I could be getting done with my time.

Listening to the text I need to read makes it easier for me to get things done. It also transforms tedious, boring, menial tasks into bearable ones.

When my hands and my mind are both busy, I pay better attention, get more done, and feel less stressed.

That is why I use SpokenText to put the things I need to read onto my mp3 player.

Message sent to us from a member

Spokentext.net allows me to quickly produce academic materials in an accessible format for the students with visual impairments I teach.

Message sent to us from a member

Spoken Text really helped me with my school work. The actual hearing of someone reading my papers helped me find mistakes and edit them.

Message sent to us from a member

SpokenText.net is the only reason why I am passing my Business Class with an A!

I work full time in the morning and go to school at night. I have almost no time to sit down and read my books, so I put all of my reading into SpokenText mp3's.

I will be taking more classes now, because I know that I have SpokenText.net to help me pass all them.

Thank you SpokenText.net, because of you I will be getting my degree much sooner than I thought.

Message sent to us from a member

Spoken Text frees up my time so i can study / learn while running. Getting in shape and changing the world....while atleast learning about it. I am currently using to convert self help e books to text to improve my being.

Love the software. Excellent and the voices are great and easy to listen to.

Message sent to us from a member


I love SpokenText.net. I read a lot of ancient texts I'm going to use SpokenText.net to convert PDFs into audio so that I can learn while on the move or when I feel like learning but am too tired to read.

Keep up the good work!


Message sent to us from a member

It is amazing how much more I understand when I do the audio plus the reading.

I have passed on your site to some dyslexic students in three countries.

This is a great project!!

Great tool - works really well


Just wanted to comment that this is a fantastic and easy-to-use website. The audio file I created on my first try turned out beautifully.

I am on an accessibility committee for the University of Calfornia system and have sent info about this site to all of my peers.

Thanks for providing this great service,

Academic Web Technologies UC Irvine

Message sent to us from a member

This program is a huge help as I sustained a head injury so they help me to process my course materials and get my brains back. I know other students from the open university in London are using this service as well.

Message sent to us from a member

I am and academic and often work with large pdf’s of journal articles I enjoy your service immensely and use it to catch up on current research while at the gym and driving.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my request,


Congratulations on your fantastic service!

Hello. I just got an account with your site spokentext.net and my first impression was absolutely amazing! I will try to use this as a tool to help with some of my students learning English as a second language here in the United States.

Thank You for making such a great tool and wish you the best of luck in this endeavor.


Email message from new Plus subscriber


I just looked at your website for an assignment for one of my classes in school, and I realized in about 2 seconds flat that it is exactly what I need to make the best use of my time commuting to school. I'm so excited =).

I just made a $29.99 payment to your website. Will you please upgrade my account? The username is (edited for privacy), and it should be under this email address.

Thank you so much, and I really appreciate the great service you offer!



Comment on your site

I did a text to speech internet search and found your site.. and I am overwhelmed with excitment. I am visually and hearing impaired... and I am having a blast copying and pasting text into the program so I can hear it.. My hearing is horrible, and the text youre using is pretty darn good, as I can make out almost all the words. I stumble upon a few of them, but that could be the way the text is being written. I pasted a whole book into your program, one that I wouldnt be able to read otherwise. I wish you much luck with your page, and hope others find it as useful as I did,