About SpokenText

Simple by Design

Our goal is to make the conversion of text to speech as simple as possible and in so doing make it accessible to everyone. The vast majority of the technology we use in our daily lives are way too complicated and overwhelms us with unneeded options and features.

To this end we focused on providing a quick and simple way to convert your text content into spoken audio, for listening to on an iPod or your computer. Just upload a plain text file, Acrobat PDF or Word file, pick which voice you want to speak your text and your done. We also let you record text from a website or enter the text you need converted directly.

Unlimited Possibilities

With SpokenText the possibilities are endless. You can record text content and then easily listen to it using the playback system of your choice. For example you could record your notes and then listen to them while on the way to an exam. Or you could record a classic novel and listen to it on your iPod while you take a walk or ride a bike at the gym. You could also download the recording and burn it to a CD for listening to on your home stereo system as you sit comfortably on the couch. The possibilities are truly endless.

Convert Word .doc, Plain text .txt Acrobat .pdf, web pages and RSS feeds to .mp3.  And listen
	to yrou reocrdings on your iPod, online or in your CD player.

Our Mission

To create a simple and efficient system to empower everyone to record text into spoken audio.

Our Vision

To see all new printed content recorded into spoken audio.